Tips for Pets: Keep Your Cat Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a festive time for many of us. There are costumed guests and candy galore! Unfortunately, the same things that make this holiday so much fun can be things that present a danger to your pet. But with a little precaution and a few tweaks, you can keep your furry friends safe and sound and keep the festive day a joyous occasion.

halloween cat img


Mind the Door
Throughout the day and night, you’re sure to have many trick-or-treaters coming to your door. The constant opening and closing of the door gives your cat plenty of opportunity to make a great escape! Keep your cat away from the door so he can avoid temptation. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, make sure he’s wearing a collar and ID tag just in case he breaks free.

No Treats for Tricks
The biggest appeal of Halloween can also be its biggest drawback when it comes to keeping your kitties safe. Not only does the candy itself pose a threat, but candy wrappers can also be dangerous if ingested. Keep your candy bowl covered and make sure candy wrappers go straight into the bin to discourage cats from ingesting their new “toys”.

Mind the Decor
Decorating is part of the fun, but a curious cat may get tangled in your Halloween decor or even ingest tassels, ribbons, and strings. If you think your cat may have ingested any of your decorations it’s important to get in touch with your vet or emergency vet immediately. Depending on your level of enthusiasm in Halloween decorations, you may also have extra electronics and wires hanging around. It’s best to keep these out of reach, especially if your cat is prone to scratching and nibbling.

Costumes for Cats?
Dressing your cat up for the festivities may seem like a good idea, but the simple truth is – your cat may just not like it. If your cat is hesitant to don that witch’s hat, it might be best to let him be. Many cats are intimidated or stressed by clothing and accessories. If your cat is skittish around new people or noises (ie. constant doorbell rings) he’ll already be a bit nervous. Adding strange clothing to the mix may not be the best idea.

There’s room for joy for everyone in the family on Halloween! Keep this day of tricks and treats fun for all with these tips to keep your pets safe and sound.