Dos and Don’ts of Feline Friendly Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather around a festive meal and share their gratitude. There may be one family member, you haven’t thought to invite to the festivities! If you’re like most people, you consider your cat to be part of the family. Show your gratitude for your feline friend with a special Thanksgiving meal just for them.
There seems to be no shortage of foods, spices, and herbs that are toxic to cats, but rarely do you see cat-friendly holiday foods. If you’re not familiar with the foods that cats should avoid, we’ve included some sources below.
Invite your family cat to a special, cat-friendly Thanksgiving dinner with these helpful Dos and Don’ts:
Do: Check the ingredients. Popular additions like garlic, onions, and spices can be toxic to cats. Don’t: Give your cat foods with excess fat like butter, bacon, and fatty cuts of meat.
Do: Give your cat plain turkey or other plain lean cuts of meat.
Don’t: Serve up hefty portions to your pet or encourage guests to give treats.
Do: Check any meat for bones and remove the skin before you treat your pet.
Don’t: Treat your cat to pumpkin pie from the dessert
Do: Surprise your cat with plain canned pumpkin. As a bonus, it can also aids digestion.
Don’t: Give your pets sugar free desserts. These items often have xylitol which is toxic to pets.
Do: Make plain mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes for your cat.
Don’t: Leave flowers unattended. Many flowers are toxic to cats.
Keep your feline friend happy and healthy while they indulge in Thanksgiving Day treats with the rest of the family. If you believe that your cat has ingested a bone or something toxic, please reach out to your vet or emergency vet as soon as possible.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Fancy Paws Cat Clinic Staff

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