Summertime Frozen Treats for Your Cat to Eat


As the summer months march on, you may notice that your cat seems to get a little less interested in food. Whet your feline friend’s appetite with a homemade ice cold treat. You can prep these simple catsicles recipes at home in moments, pop them in the freezer overnight, and voila! A tasty way to combat the heat.

Tuna Pops

Have a can of tuna on hand? You can turn that odd can of tuna into a gourmet treat with the help of a blender and a little time. Simply place the tuna in the blender along with the water it was packed in and blend. You can use an ice cube tray or even dixie cups to hold the mixture.

Cat-Friendly Ice Cream

Feeling a little more ambitious? Treat your kitty to this feline-friendly ice cream recipe. With the milk and sugar, traditional ice cream isn’t good for kitties. This recipe uses Cat-sure, a specially formulated milk for adult cats. If your cat has a sensitive tummy and you have any questions about what kind of milk product you can use, ask your vet for recommendations at the next visit. Remember making ice cream in a Ziploc bag as a child? It’s the same fun, easy process.


Don’t discount simplicity when making your cat a cool treat. Create a gourmet shaved ice treat by tossing in a bit of canned tuna, salmon, or wet cat food. Similarly, you can always take a can of your cat’s favorite wet food, slice or dice it up, and put it in the freezer until solid. No matter what summertime catsicle recipe you choose, your cool cat is sure to reward you with a little extra loving.

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