Fall Kitty Dangers

Autumn is the height of natural beauty with its fiery foliage and brisk mornings. The changing of the colors is the perfect backdrop for family gatherings, pumpkin picking, and cool weather hikes. Unfortunately this beautiful season can bring some potential dangers for our best friends. From seasonal foods to environmental hazards, we must be vigilant to keep our feline friends safe to make this autumn season fun for all!



Cooler weather festivities often bring ample opportunity for goodies! It isn’t uncommon for our cooking supplies to be strewn across kitchen counters. Some foods are poisonous to the curious cats that might happen upon them:

  • Chocolate – Keep your gift baskets secure. Many of the goodies inside may be dangerous to your furry friend. Chocolate may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and, in more serious cases, seizures. Be especially wary of dark chocolates as they contain more cocoa than their milk or white chocolate counterparts.


  • Onions – Onion, garlic, and chives. Oh my! These aromatic vegetables are used to flavor just about every savory dish, but leaving them out for your cat to get into may get you in hot water. Toxicity from garlic and onions may cause weakness, vomiting, and diarrhea.


  • Unbaked Bread Dough – If you plan on baking your own bread this fall, be sure to keep the rising dough away from your cat. Dough rises over time so there is significant danger in ingestion because this dough may expand while in your cat’s stomach. If you’ve found that your feline gets into your rising dough call your vet immediately.

Cute kitten hiding in leaves

Watching the painted leaves fall is part of the fun and beauty of fall, but they can also hide dangers from you and your kitty cat:

  • Mold – Gathered leaves may be fun to stomp on, but our furry friends are quite a bit lower to the ground and more susceptible to moldy leaves that may be hiding. Keep this in mind for your compost as well! The fallen leaves might cover up your open compost pile causing your curious kitty to paw at the pile and potentially stir up some mold.


  • Mushrooms – Cool, wet weather brings mushrooms to the yard and just like we humans, if a kitty cat gets into these mysterious mushrooms there is a chance of toxicity. It can be difficult to identify mushrooms with certainty, so if you think your cat has ingested any mushrooms it is best to call your vet immediately.


  • Chrysanthemums and Autumn Crocus – These two flowers bloom in the autumn season. Both have been known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, and more severe reactions. Indoor cats that have snuck out and not used to all of the sights maybe even more curious about these colorful flowers.


Though tenacious, our curious cats can’t always take care of themselves. It’s up to us to keep informed so what we can take care of them every day of the year.






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