Meet Goose.


Katie adopts Goose!

Katie, our Social Media Manager, recently welcomed a little kitten named Goose to her family.  Katie already had a 7 year old Plott Hound named Mazi, 8 year old orange tabby named Phoenix, and 6 year old gray tabby named Talin, so she knew she had to introduce her little one to the pack with care. Slow introduction is key but sometimes it’s not enough to keep your older cats happy and comfortable as you bring an adorable but hyper kitten to the house.





One of Katie’s biggest fears was spraying, often seen with male cats. She knew this was a way that male cats showed that they were feeling threatened and it was a common way for them to mark their territory. The first day Katie brought Goose home, the two older cats hissed and puffed up at the sight of him. They seemed grumpy, stressed and overall unhappy about their new brother.



Luckily her dog instantly warmed up and you could say it was love at first sight for those two. Mazi and Goose have enjoyed hours of playtime and snuggling! Goose was still a baby and often tried to nurse from the other animals, making the older cats grumpy and even more distant. After Katie saw that the cats were instantly dismayed at the sight of her new kitten she knew she needed something that would make the whole household safe and comfortable. Here comes Feliway MultiCat Plug-In Diffuser to the rescue!

mazi goose snuggling

Mazi couldn’t resist Goose.

Katie bought two plug-ins for the two main areas of her house. Within an hour of plugging this device in, she noticed the entire mood of the house transformed. The hissing and hiding stopped and suddenly her two older cats were excited and interested in the kitten. Within a few hours, the older cats had advanced from being slightly interested in the kitten to full out play mode. The new kitten enjoyed chasing the other cats around the house as Phoenix and Talin joined in with excitement and joy!


Mazi & Goose were instant friends.


Phoenix loves playing with Goose!









The Feliway Multicat Diffuser dispenses an odorless vapor mimicking the pheromone that is released from a mother cat to her kittens. This pheromone helps the older cats recognize the kitten as something to care for, not be threatened by!  It is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflicts between cats in multi-cat homes.

FullSizeRender (7)

Stop by the clinic to purchase a Feliway Diffuser!


Goose is still in his own separate area for the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition. Since Katie started using the plug in the two older cats actually wait outside the kittens door meowing until he comes out to play. Goose has truly been welcomed into the pack with barely any stress to Katie’s current animals. Katie plans on using the plug-in for the next 3 to 6 months to ensure everyone is happy and settled.




If you’re thinking about getting a new cat or kitten, Katie highly recommends Feliway MultiCat Plug-In Diffuser to ensure a smooth, peaceful and happy transition for all your furry friends! 


Welcome to the family Goose!



You can now find Phoenix and Goose snuggling together for their daily cat naps.



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