Your Overweight Cat

It may look cute but being overweight can put your cat at risk for a variety of ailments.

Here are some great tips on how to help your cat shed those extra pounds.

  • Feed two to four small portions daily and control the amounts fed so that over a period of time the cat does not gain weight.
  • Limit treats for overweight cats.
  • While the feeding instructions on your cat’s food is helpful, be sure to adjust to your own cat’s needs and activity level.
  • Have multiple short sessions of interactive playtime with your cat. Whether that means chasing the laser pointer, a feather stick or simply rolling around with you, any way you can get your cat moving is helpful.
  • Visit your vet! Don’t forget, we’re here to help too! We can help you find the right food for your overweight kitty and work with you to come up with a weight loss plan!



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