Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Cat

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share laughter, love and delicious meals with your friends and family. These tips will help keep your kitty safe this holiday season.

cats turkey

1) When guests first arrive, keep your cat locked up in a bedroom or safe area that is away from the front door. It is easy for cats to get outside during the commotion of guests arriving and it is safest to keep them isolated until guests have settled in.

2) Some cats love visitors while others are very nervous around strangers. If your cat is nervous around people, consider leaving them locked in a room during holiday festivities. Leave them with their favorite bed, fresh water, food and some toys. Your kitty may appreciate being away from all the commotion.

3) Feed your cat a safe thanksgiving meal. Consider treating them to a can of their favorite wet food. Stay away from people food on Thanksgiving as there are many hidden dangers for cats in our Thanksgiving meal.  Onions, garlic, sage, chocolate and bread dough are just a few toxic foods for cats. Visit the ASPCA website to learn about which foods are unsafe for your kitty.

4) If you light candles, keep your cat securely in a bedroom to avoid fires. Cats are curious by nature and their innocent curiosity could be dangerous.

5) If guests bring you flowers, make sure you know which plants are toxic for your cats. Lily plants are especially toxic for your kitty. Click here to read more about toxic and non-toxic plants for your cat.

The Feline Medical Care Center wishes you a safe, blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


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